George Washington Leadership Style

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Perseverance The inspirational leadership style and skills of George Washington should influence future generations to protect and maintain the freedoms established through the triumph over the British Monarchy even in the most ominous of circumstances. In preparation to the Battle of Trenton, George Washington had to tell his me of the hard work and endurance they were going to have to go through in order to defeat the British. Washington's men could have easily given up, they were up against the best army and they were just a ragtag little group fighting for their freedom, but Washington led his men with determination and preparation the best he could(CHANGE TO TOPIC SENTENCE). With Washington's trait of determination, the men did not lose their faith in themselves, and instead gave all they had on the battlefield. “After all, that moral, that innate thirst for freedom that had propelled them into this war in the first place, the the patriot’s greatest weapon- and it would ultimately prove to be the one thing that their enemy could not match.”(Beck, 141) Most people in today's world do not have the same drive to fight for a better future as our predecessors, and most of those who do often give up when faced with adversity. Current generations need to mirror the tenacity of America’s founding fathers and stand up for what they believe in instead of backing down when they are opposed. Unlike those who back down when faced with trials and tribulations, George Washington
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