George Washington On Legacies Left

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If someone were to write an essay on legacies left by a certain person, George Washington would top the list. George Washington was the first President of the United States of America and he did a stellar job. George Washington was one of the reasons we have the freedoms embodied by Americans still to this day. He did not have a particularly easy childhood but he powered through it. There are so many people who spend their lives complaining but do not do anything to change the situation while George Washington took that pain and let it push him to do something for the greater good. Washington is an important leader because he led our Country to Independence. He wasn’t just a person who sat back and told the soldiers what to do, but he was…show more content…
Washington’s mother was then tasked with the difficult job of raising six children without any support. Although she was a tough and driven woman, she had a hard time raising them all by herself and keeping home and hearth together. She wanted to send George to a school in England to better his education but they could not afford to do it. In result, George never received more than the equivalent of an elementary school education. Although he was shy and not highly literate, he was large, strong, and handsome ( His half-brother Lawrence, who was fourteen years older than George, mentored his younger brother and introduced him to Lord Fairfax. Despite George’s meager education, he had three great strengths: his mother’s ambitious drive, shy charm, and gift for mathematics, which led George to join Lord Fairfax. Lord Fairfax offered George a spot in surveying land that offered him decent wages, travel opportunities and time way from his strict mother. This was the beginning of the long journey George was about to partake on towards independence ( George Washington lead America to Independence by fighting his way to the top. After the death of his brother Lawrence, Washington took over his brother’s post in commanding a local militia. Washington’s first mission was serving as a British military envoy, to gather information on enemy troop strengths and to warned
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