George Washington

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“Discipline is the soul of an army. It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all” George Washington. This quote was said by one of the most intelligent, ambitious military genius; George Washington. Washington used his mind in fighting war instead of just brute force. He turned the battlefield and the art of war into a chess match. Washington’s efforts in the Revolutionary War were very significant I that they ultimately help lead to the American victory in the Revolutionary War. “Washington’s genius lay in his understanding of power, both military power and political power, an understanding unmatched by that of any of his contemporaries.” (Morgan, p6) Washington’s military tactics where showcased in…show more content…
Washington was not just chosen by process of elimination. Congress had chosen him because they found him qualified as a leader and his political commitment to the cause. One of Washington’s greatest strategies in the Revolutionary War was his ability to perceive the significance of the geographical factors that his opponents seem to have grasped. For example during the Battle of Long Island which took place on August 27, 1776 where the British almost caught Washington and his troops. He learned not to allow his troops to be cut off or blockaded in any location where the retreat rout might be cut off, having learned this he never made that mistake again. Even though Washington may have never made that mistake again he couldn’t always prevent his other officers from doing the same thing, his constant alertness allowed for the existence of his small army. The British army’s were much more powerful and capable of taking any place they wanted. So stationing troops at a particular place was not the most intelligent plan when facing the British Army. For example, when General Howe was marching troops towards Philadelphia, Congress wanted Washington to send troops to defend the city but he refused. Washington said that if h can defeat General Howe in the field there wouldn’t be necessary to send troops to Philadelphia. If not though the all the efforts in the field would be a waste and the fortifications on

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