George Washington : The First American President

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A founding father of America, James Butler, stated during the first Presidential elections, that “many of the members cast their eyes towards General Washington, as President, and shaped their ideas of the powers to be given a President, by their opinions of his virtue” (“George Washington” 127). He meant that George Washington was a man that, in the eyes of all the chair-holders, fit all the categories that a President should have. America at the time of George Washington was a colony of England. For over 150 years, England was the dominant power that controlled the do’s and don’t of the people living there. However, with the accumulation of laws and acts passed by the British, the Colonial Americans began to revolt. George Washington was one of these rebelling Americans. He acted as a leader for the Americans and surpassed the military and political powers in Europe. George Washington became the first American President because of his popularity, his respect as a great military leader, and also because of his early political career; after accomplishing his goal of liberating America and becoming the first President, he established the idea of a culturally unified country, improved foreign policy, and also legalized laws and acts that are still in effect to this date.
To begin, popularity was a heavy part that weighed the electoral votes towards the favor of General Washington. Long before the American Revolution had begun, Captain Washington, not yet popular at that time,…
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