George Washington The Indispensable Man Analysis

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George Washington is a towering historical figure who is considered the father of the United States. James Thomas Flexner captures the man, not the myth, behind this legendary icon in one concise single-volume biography, Washington: the Indispensable Man. This book is a condensed but altogether new version of Flexner’s previous four-volume biography of George Washington. This smaller scale book is well written, and explores Washington as “the human being behind the legendary icon” (New York Times Book Review) to bring the reader to a closer relation to a man removed by time and history. Of time and history, George Washington had a great deal more of it which Flexner had to cover. Washington was a major national figure for twenty-four years from his election as Commander in Chief to his death, and he was hardly twenty when his role in the French and Indian War made him internationally known. The wide-ranging subject of Washington must have been difficult to fit into one encapsulated volume, but Flexner manages not only to do that but also writes straightforward in thought with flowing ideas and logical conclusions. The first chapter, of course, starts from George’s Birth and tells of his childhood of growing admiration for the wilds of the frontier and the British Army. A little later, the book moves forward to Washington’s first military blunder in inciting the French and Indian War which makes the name George Washington internationally known. After this incident, Flexner
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