George Washington and the Farewell Address

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George Washington and the Farewell Address As the first president to guide, lead and protect what was very much a youthful, vulnerable, hopeful and energetic nation, George Washington will always hold a special and inalienable place in the minds and hearts of all Americans. However, other historians would assert that it was his achievements as an unflinching and courageous military leader was really equated to his most lasting and important contribution to American history: 'As the Commander in Chief of the Continental Army the services and achievements of George Washington are unique in the world's history. He was much more than the Commander in Chief. He was the one necessary person, whose calm, unswerving, determined sense of patriotic duty to country, and ability put real backbone into the Revolution and kept it from collapsing or merging into a civil conflict, under the hardships and unexpected privations encountered during the eight years of war" (, 2011). Some scholars go so far as to posit that the Revolutionary war would never have been successful had it not been for his brave leadership and devotion to the cause (, 2010). Regardless of the pivotal and singular contributions George Washington made to the corridors of history, when he decided to leave office after two terms, this decision no doubt marked a melancholy and somewhat uncertain moment for young America. Washington's Farewell Address often embodies the "warnings from a parting
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