George Washington's Life And Accomplishments

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One of founder fathers, George Washington, was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland County, Va. As Augustine's second marriage to Mary Ball transpired, he became their first child, making him the eldest of their six children. Washington's family was able to prosper through farming and land speculation. During the tender age of 11, he lost his beloved father and was put in the care of his mother, Mar Ball Washington. Luckily, he later spent his days with his two elder brothers, which was in his case helped him avoid a life illiteracy. His older brother, Lawrence, was able to teach Washington trigonometry and surveying. Not only these particular subject, he helped him cultivate a taste for ethics, music, novels, and the theater. George Washingtons aspirations for military service may have came from his brother, Lawrence, who was ranking officer in the Virginia militia and also served with Admiral Edward Vernon. Without his brother influence, Washington may have not become the great military general he was. At the age of 16 …show more content…

The following year, 1753, Washington was able lead a British ulimatum to the French in the Ohio River Valley. To add on to his accomplishments, in 1754, he served as a colonel in the French and Indian War. To conclude, Washington began show early signs of natural leadership and shortly after Lawrence's death.
In 1752, George Washington was a 22 year old lieutenant colonel of the Virginia militia who was able to defeat a party of French and Indian scouts in southwest Pennsylvania. With this act, this started a war and began Washingtons military career as the first American commander in chief. The French and Indian War, also called the Seven Years War by the English, transpired becaue the French and British were involved in a dispute over the Ohio River territory and the allegiance of the Native American nations discovered

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