George Wood Church Leadership Analysis

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Leadership can be a precarious journey for individuals to pursue; hidden behind every decision is the potential to derail everything the leader has worked towards. The potential hazards of leadership are also true for church leaders. Just as road signs serve to assist drivers down unfamiliar highways, George Wood presents mileposts that will assist church leaders to navigate the leadership roadway. By following Wood’s leadership mileposts, a leader can potentially avoid many pitfalls found in the ministry. Wood takes a candid approach as he illustrates each milepost with testimonies from his own personal and professional experiences. Wood begins the journey with a brief look at the tension within leadership. Wood (2011) argues, “True…show more content…
Milepost 65 teaches that a leader’s ministry is a stewardship from God. Wood (2011) argues, “Every leadership role is an under-role. Christ is not only the Chief Shepherd or Pastor of the church, He is also the Overseer, the Teacher, and the Prophet” (p. 161). The basis for Wood’s argument is that every leader is under a leader, and ultimately every leader is under the Leader, which is Jesus Christ. Therefore, every leader should manage his ministry as a good and faithful steward. The understanding that every leadership role is an under-role will help prevent leaders from becoming arrogant or misusing their…show more content…
As a pastor who has served a few churches, I have seen where the election of the pastor is a political event. I understand Wood’s sentiment, and in a perfect world, it would be a positive aspect within a church, but we live in a fallen world. I have personally seen pastors voted out for frivolous issues from disgruntled members. Personally, I have been voted on a few times and each time it caused anxiety to rise with my wife and children. Currently, I serve an indefinite term, as a result, I feel I have the freedom to serve, preach, and administrate as I feel God directs, without the fear of disgruntled members voting me out. Conversely, I do agree with Wood’s basic sentiment that a pastor should know how the members feel about him. I believe this is a function of a good church board, to inform the pastor of the congregation’s feelings concerning his ministry. I would also affirm a non-binding vote of confidence, if the pastor sincerely desires where the members stand with his
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