George Zimmerman Trial And Trayvon Martin Case

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Synopsis: George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watchman, shot and killed 17 year old Trayvon Marin in Sampson, Florida on March 25th, 2012.In the police report, Zimmerman claimed to have followed Martin out of the convenience store because he looked suspicious and that is when the altercation between the two began. Some words were shared between the two that led Zimmerman to step out of his car despite the police’s order to remain inside the vehicle. Zimmerman also told police that Trayvon knocked him down when he punched him in the nose and repeatedly slammed his head on the ground and that he had only reached for his gun because he feared for his life. The incident ended when 13 year old Austin Brown saw Zimmerman lying in the grass moaning and crying for help. Police soon arrived after a 911 call about hearing gunshots in the distance from another neighbor (Gutman, 2012). Fine details from that eventful night that would later be used in the investigation and trial are still left unanswered. The George Zimmerman trial and Trayvon Martin case was probably one of the controversial and confusing cases in Florida history. One of the key elements used in the case was that of the Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law. The Stand Your Ground Law states that “if reasonable you believe that you face imminent death, serious bodily injury, rape, kidnapping or (in most states) robbery, you can use deadly force against the assailant even if you have a perfectly safe avenue or retreat,”

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