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Bizet: Struggle for Recognition
Georges Bizet – born 178 years ago on this day, October 25, 2016 – is primarily known for Carmen, the immensely successful opera that scandalized Paris audiences of the day. Although it is arguably one of the most famous operas of all time, Bizet did not live to see it achieve recognition. In fact, his life mostly consisted of a series of struggles, false starts, and failures. Despite this, Bizet’s death had a strong emotional impact on those he left behind, and his work had a significant impact on the music world.
Bizet the Prodigy
Born into a musical family, Bizet was taught to read and play music at a very young age but was always eager to learn more. He would listen in secret to advanced lessons, memorizing
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It was Bizet who initially suggested an opera based on the short novel of the same name. His eagerness was met with bitter opposition and fears that the provocative nature of the source material would offend the Opéra-Comique’s wholesome clientele. Nevertheless, Bizet pushed for the work to be performed without censorship, which it eventually was thanks largely to the insistence of the leading members of the cast. The work was premiered unaltered on March 3, 1875 to a mixed reception. Critics felt that both the themes of the music and those of the plot itself were inappropriate and lacked moral substance. This negative response caused Bizet much grief; a few months later he died of a heart attack, believing his greatest work was a…show more content…
Over four thousand people attended Bizet’s funeral where his fellow composers gave impassioned eulogies, some even moved to tears by the tragic event. After the burial, they held a special performance of Carmen which the press, only months after they judged it to be too risqué, heralded as a masterpiece.
Today Carmen is recognized as one of the greatest operas ever written, thrilling audiences with its drama and emotional affect. At the Sixth Annual Festival of the Aegean in Syros, Greece, talented performers, including Francis Bardot’s Choeur d'Enfants d'Ile-de-France, performed selections of the now-famous work to the enjoyment of the audience. Although Bizet died before his work was recognized, his unique style and dramatic flair has had an undeniable impact on the modern world of
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