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Georges-Pierre Seurat was a French Post-Impressionist painter, as well as a fine draftsman. He was born and raised in a wealthy family in Paris on December 2, 1859. He lived a short life of thirty-one year of age, and in his time, Seurat not only invented his style of pointillism, but he also became the first Neo-Impressionist. In pointillism, Seurat used miniscule dots of various colors on a base color to produce the local color. This creates an optical mixture from afar for the viewer and makes the image livelier. As the first Neo-Impressionist, he systematically painted his works instead of the rough brushworks of the earlier Impressionists (Chu 410-411, Gage 452, Georges). Since Seurat first started to dig deep into the arts when…show more content…
This meant that there was a science that correlated feelings with the placement and direction of colors and symbolic meaning. Pertaining to Le Chahut, the use of the warm colors of browns, oranges, and yellows going up the diagonals of the dancers’ legs is said to bring pleasure to the viewer (Chu 411-412, Georges, Homer 223-230). I agree with Chu’s findings seeing that the warm colors do bring a feeling a warmth and happiness since the painting depicts a joyful, upbeat, energetic scene. The legs going up also help with that cheery feeling since the upward direction is also seen as a positive direction. The energetic positive feeling ultimately provides a feeling of pleasure to me as the viewer, even though there is a contrasting blue color in the shadows to help illuminate the local colors. When Seurat first went to art school at the age of sixteen, he studied with Justin Lequiene, a sculptor best known for having led the École Municipale de Sculpture et Dessin that Seurat attended. At this school, Seurat learned new techniques to prepare him for entering the École des Beaux-Arts in 1878. At École des Beaux-Arts, Seurat was taught by Henri Lehmann, a pupil of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres whom was known for his exotic pictures of women. Seurat often visited the Louvre, as advised by Lehmann, like countless

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