Georgia College And It 's Qualities

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Many people know that Milledgeville, GA is a small city and is also said to be a college town that offers just a little more than education. I have not been here long, only a few months, but I felt that there is not much to face here. However, everyone has their own experiences and struggles within due time. Because my life revolves around school, my focus is directed towards Georgia College and it’s qualities. How does my experience throughout this public liberal arts university tie into the close readings of Flannery O’Connor’s letters from The Habit of Being? As an African American female, I was unsure about how I would be treated in the college community, especially coming from a high school with majority black faculty, staff, and…show more content…
Throughout my experience, I have noticed that not everyone is taught how to acknowledge and accept. The difference in a race may result in a distinct perspective on racial problems, people are taught differently, so the way they perceive things could be different from others. Mr. Head influenced Nelson into feeling a certain type of way towards blacks, just as Southern society manipulated the “artificial nigger.” I feel as if the way people think about race has changed throughout the years. Nowadays, most people in need wouldn’t be afraid to come to someone because they choose to disregard race and start to pay attention to how that person could help them. Eventually, Nelson realizes his grandfather’s harshness and mistreatment of the term “nigger.” I think this generation is more likely to realize how wrong discrimination is and how racial issues should be put to an end. But today, there are still circumstances that may cause one to think negatively about someone based on their race. For instance, if you were having car trouble, but you saw a black male coming your way, what would you think? Would you instantly assume that he was coming to hurt you, steal your car, or some other similar action? Or would you believe that he was arriving to help you? Of course, you’d want to choose the second option because it seems right, but how do you know for sure that that is what you would do? Some people don’t recognize how the way they think affect others. They don’t

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