Georgia Colony

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The founding of Georgia started with a man named James Oglethorpe who was a member of parliament and work in the reforming business. In 1730 James went to the King of England at that time and requested a royal charter for a new colony (). Also, James specified that the name of the colony would name Georgia to represent the King. After high consideration, the King granted and created the Trustees who will govern the new colony. In addition, Georgia wanted to be used as a military buffer colony that one day will become a self-sustaining colony. When Mr. James came to the colony there was a treaty with Indians that was the “ Articles of Friendship and Commerce”. This treated showed that trade would have set rates and prices, and also what lands…show more content…
On the other hand, the Indian trade came back into play at a great time(). So, colonist decides to ignore their farms due that it was not producing as much as they needed it too. then trade with the Indians. Indian trade was more reliable and was more efficient in those times. Further, the colonists wanted to be able to trade with rum and slaves, as every other colony was doing. Of course, they had succeeded with those demands. The south realizes how the North was improving their wealth with salves and wanted to share the reap. Then in 1749, the colony became a slave colony, which improve the economy but refused to think as Africans as humans’ beings like themselves. Therefore if Georgia the colony was a success or failure for the Trustees, I would say it was a success. The colony creates strong with many individuals believe that they can create a place of power and harmony. However, in everything, there are setbacks and situations that no one can predict. The Georgia colony struggled for a good amount of years but at the end, they gain by following the footsteps of the Northern
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