How Has Georgia Changed Over Time Essay

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Throughout the history of the United States, Georgia has changed drastically. Its political party, its citizens, its stance on race, and its involvement in a more digital world have all been changing since Georgia became occupied by the English. Georgia went from a Democratic to Republican state. Georgia also changed its population make-up from mostly poor, white farmers and African American slaves to business people, teachers, media workers, and factory workers. Georgia has changed from being a state that was for segregation and Jim Crow laws to a state with a large population of African Americans working alongside the whites that is against racism. Georgia has also formed into a state that is well known for its movie making business and…show more content…
Programs such as these helped the south come back to where it was economically. Today, Atlanta is a prominent city around the United States, with many people traveling there and helping the economy. Much of the money in Georgia comes from families coming here on vacations. World War Two brought a lot of change to Georgia. Many military facilities were built in the south, resulting in four billion dollars being spent to help build these facilities. This helped create jobs and put more money in the economy. The south was chosen for these facilities because of the warm weather and because of the wide, open spaces. Many southerners did not like the military facilities being built because they did not like to see things change. Because of the military facilities, cotton was not a dominant crop anymore (because it wasn’t needed as much) and Jim Crow laws were threatened. Southerners were not ready to give up those two things yet. Georgia was first settled by James Oglethorpe when he brought people from England to settle the new land. When Oglethorpe was in charge, there were many laws that took place that Georgians do not follow today. These include making all the settlers growing Mulberry trees, not allowing any alcohol, not
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