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Georgia O'Keefe was born on November 15, 1887, in the town Sun Prairie, Wisconsin to dairy farmers, Francis and Isa O'Keeffe. She was the second of seven children and the first daughter. She wished to become an artist at a young age and along with her sister, received tutelage from a local watercolor artist, Sara Mann. O'Keeffe graduated high school in 1905 and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago from 1905-1906, she then attended the Art Students League in New York City where she studied under William Merritt Chase. She won one of the League's contests with her oil painting Dead Rabbitt with Copper Pot and received a scholarship to the League's outdoor summer school in Lake George, New York. Frustrated at the way her art training…show more content…
Alfred Stieglitz, her future husband, identified her as the first female American modernist and she has also been recognized as the "Mother of American modernism" for her amazing abstract paintings of the natural world and the emotional impressions they invoked in their viewers. While O'Keeffe has created many breathtaking artworks in her day, there are few still lifes that I find even greater than the rest and I shall tell you why. I love her artwork, Red Canna, because of how its warm colors blend together and also how the complementary colors seem to feed into each other, making them brighter and better. It's impressive how she blends the colors and captures the details of each flower in Jimson Weed and while Black Place II is a bit more abstract than I usually like paintings to be, the thing that makes me love it is both how beautifully the colors contrast against each other and how it makes the viewers feel. I enjoy how she's added subtle, radiant highlights to flowers and how the radial gradient is so gentle in her still life, Petunias. Blue Morning Glories is also a favorite because of how precise and sharply defined the flowers are and how the colors are used to make it, even more, enchanting. Georgia O'Keefe was one of the only artists who stayed true to her art form, and her abstract works were so different than what other artists were doing at the time that even today, her work is still talked about with

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