Georgia O Keefe's Charcoal Drawings

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“I wish people were all trees and I think I could enjoy them then.”-Georgia O’Keeffe Georgia O’Keefe was born November 15, 1887 where she was the second child out of seven in her family. She spent most of her time growing up on a farm in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. O’Keeffe when to an art institute in Chicago and New York wear she learned the lifestyle of realist painting. O’Keefe started mailing some of her drawings to a friend that lived in New York but her friends saw the talent that O’Keefe had and sent them to a guy named Alfred Stieglitz (art dealer) where he would soon become O’Keefe’s husband. In 1915 Georgia O’Keeffe taught art school in South Carolina and in Texas. At this time O’Keefe was trying to figure herself out on what kind of artist she wanted to be which led her to charcoal drawing. O’Keeffe’s charcoal drawings made her one of the first…show more content…
The different landscape and religion style made O’Keefe look to a different style of painting. It had such an impact on her so much that she made New Mexico her place to stay after Stieglitz died. Her New Mexico paintings had a growing interest in religion scenes that had a view on America. The 1950s Georgia O’Keefe started traveling internationally to other countries. She traveled to Japan where she went and saw the mountain peaks of the Peru and Mount Fuji. When O’Keefe went to Japan it changed her art work where she focused more on the clouds in the sky and rivers. She also traveled to Hawaii where she traveled and explored the island of Honolulu. While in Hawaii she painted items such as landscapes, flowers, Hawaiian fish hooks, and while in Hawaii the Hawaii Pineapple Company ask Georgia O’Keefe to paint them a picture for them and O’Keefe’s response was “ I will not paint a picture until you send me a pineapple plant to my New York Studio.” O’Keefe had a great since of humor when it came to painting something for
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