Georgia Peach State Essay

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Georgia, the peach state. The fourth state that entered the union. In 2010, Georgia had nearly 9.7 million people and ranked ninth in population among the 50 states in 2010. January 2, 1788, Georgia became the fourth state to enter the union. “Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation” is there motto. Atlanta, Georgia, the most place to have landmarks which is their Capital. There song “Georgia on My Mind” The words by Stuart Gorren and music by Hoagie Carmichael. (In 2010) 9,687, 653, now that’s what I call a big state. 0 to 100 miles on the map scale. For the flag, red on top, white in the middle, then red on the bottom, three pillars in front, with ribbon around the pillars, a guard holding a sword, 14 stars around it, then the words “In god we trust”. Brown Thrasher is there state bird, the bird has…show more content…
With its moderate winter climate and its southern charm and beauty, the state is a popular vacation area for many people, knowing it takes a while to drive. Although the trade and service supply, the majority of jobs in Georgia, manufacturing and agriculture remain important to the state’s economy. Beef Cattle, hogs, and milk are also important to Georgia. Cotton second among Georgia’s crops, followed by soybeans, and sweeten corn. Sweet potatoes are Georgia’s most and I mean most important vegetable. Granite is Georgia’s most important quarried stone. Lime stone and marble are also quarried in Georgia. Other important products include sand and gravel. Barite, bauxite, field par, kyannite, mica, and talc, are rare, mostly rare people just can’t go in a mine it, and they have to buy it, mostly people carry one of these gems for good luck. A lot of things can be seen at a lake, like people fishing, a lot of fishers are trying to catch a Rainbow Trout. Mostly if you came here you would see Lilly Pad’s in the lake. Lilly Pad’s provide homes for little fish. With fishing, that’s part of their culture. Suck where to go? Let’s go see some
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