Georgia State Essay

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I am a resident of Augusta in Georgia State. The city is the second-largest in the state with a population of 197872 according to the 2012 census. Georgia State is the 24th largest and 8th most populous state in the United States. The Southern State is multi-racial, composed of 59.7% White, 30.5% Blacks and 0.3% American Indians. It was historically composed of half black population who were exclusively slaves. According to economic surveys conducted between 2007 and 2008, fourteen countries from the State were ranked among the nation’s 100 fastest growing. It borders Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina.
The State has an estimated population of 10,097,343 and also has the highest number of illegal immigrants in
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It has 159 counties and prides itself on being home to former United States President Jimmy Carter. It is a largely Republican State with the two Senators and the Governor being Republican. It has four consolidated city-county governments. Republicans dominate the House of Representatives with 117 seats against 60 seats for the Democrats. The political alignment of the State also influences the legislations passed by the State’s legislators. One memorable example is when the Senator Isakson Johnny voted to repeal Obamacare to protect Georgians from the ‘disatrous’ law…show more content…
While they largely represent the opinions of members of Georgia State they do not take every opinion, note and regurgitate them. The positions of the Senators on issues such as abortion and even the Iran Deal reflect the opinions of the majority Georgians. Senators Isakson Johnny and Perdue David are great legislators who have contributed to many debates in the House and sponsored bills that reflect the issues at the heart of Georgians. Based on their marvelous work, it is highly predictable that they will be re-elected. Georgia leans towards the Republican ideologies, and the Senators have well represented such ideals in their way of voting and the bills they have
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