Georgia Swimming Should Pilot A Program

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Today, the coaching profession is under heavy scrutiny, as there have been several reported incidents where a coach has been involved in an abusive situation with one or more athletes. One lawsuit has developed recently involving a physical education teacher attempting to force a female student into a pool for class (Daly, 2014). Unfortunately, this incident was not an isolated case; this kind of behavior is becoming more prevalent in the coaching trade. In the United States alone, there have been several lawsuits developing against athletic coaches who have conducted themselves in an unprofessional manner. Physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse has plagued the coaching community for decades, especially in the sport swimming.…show more content…
The problem appears to be a trend across the United States and should be a growing concern to the athletes, parents, and the coaching communities. The impact on the athletes and their families are the greatest because they suffer personally on the emotional, physiological, spiritual, and psychological levels (Kerr & Stirling, 2012). The effects on the athletes are problematic as the coaches manipulate the swimmers’ athletic aspirations to impress a rationale, which leads the swimmers to believe the coaches’ actions are justifiable (Sturtz, 2014). The athletes are also affected by their parents’ trust in the coaches’ authority, having the tendency to reinforce some of the coaches’ verbal and minor physical abuses, rather than offering their child parental support (Sturtz, 2014). Therefore, when a major violation occurs, the parents’ trust is broken and they “feel betrayed by the coaches because of all they have invested in the coaching program on behalf of their swimmer” (K. Burwick, personal communication, December 3, 2014). The sense of betrayal is amplified by all of the money, time, and trust parents invest into the offending organization, such as a club program. Not only do the coaches’ actions affect the athletes and parents, but it affects the reputation of the coaching profession as a whole. In the United
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