Georgia Vs America Research Paper

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eing deployed to the Republic of Georgia was an experience I may never come across again in my military career. Going to a country who is considered a second world country and located so close to the Russian border gave me a false impression of the country prior to even educating myself about it. Before even departing Fort Knox I quickly had to adapt not only to my surroundings but my peers as well. I was made platoon leader which I had to be in charge of 30 cadets some with even prior service backgrounds and phenomenal APFT scores. At first there were some bumps in the road but after a few days of getting to know each other and having a pretty good platoon sergeant things started to come together. This is a similar comparison to what it may feel like for a new platoon leader just arriving to…show more content…
For instance their military structure and academy resembles the same one we have here in the United States. Unlike America, Georgia has a high population of people who smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol which is due to the fact that there are no age restrictions on either of them. Some instructors from the mountain school we attended even pointed out that Georgians make their own wine. The food is also very delicious but different. It is always fresh, hot and for the most part delicious. This did not surprise me however it did make me feel that in America especially in New York we are fortunate to have on every corner a different type of restaurant. There is not that much diversity with the Georgia dishes. I learned though that the people are ok with that just because they enjoy living there so much. They are very grateful to live in Georgia and they are grateful when foreigners take the time to appreciate it with them. I am very happy to go on this trip I learned a lot about this country as well as myself. I look forward one day down my Army career to go there again maybe even as a vacation
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