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1. Why is a data warehouse needed in the GeoStor system?
Answer: A data warehouse contain pool of data both current and of the past/historical which in turn are used to support decision making by the managers., Without it, GeoStor would lack the variety of data it needs to be able to perform different tasks for different functions. 2. List the major benefits of GeoStor to Arkansas and to private-sector users.
Answer: GeoStore is used by Arkansas state agencies for different tasks such as reducing the time needed to search for documents by a factor of 15 thereby reducing time from 23.5 hours per document to 1.5 hours. This saved $2 million of tax payer’s money in the first 18 months it was in
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4. The state of Arkansas was the first to have such a system, so it has a competitive edge in attracting new business to the state. Explain why can this advantage be sustained when other states will use a similar system in the future?
Answer: One big advantage for the state of Arkansas is that the product in offered is first of its kind and as such has an edge over other states. As discussed in Answer 1, GeoStor which used by private sector will offer incentives for these companies to relocate as opposed to states that do not offer such services. As such competition will automatically be at a disadvantage. First time use4rs of this system will have a competitive advantage as they become competitive necessities which are required by every organization. Some of the examples are online package tracking, buying of concert ticket and reserving seats for transport. 5. Can any GIS data be combined with GPS data? For what uses?
Answer: Not all GIS data can be combined along with GPS data especially static GIS data.
It can be used by a company to portray GIS to about products, available at different locations, discount on the product. This gives a static picture intended to get the customers coming in. For this purpose GPS data is of little use. In majority of cases though, GIS is used along with GPS data in

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