Gerald Graff : Hidden Intellectualism

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The issue being debated in the article “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff is street smarts versus book smarts. Gerald Graff is an English professor at the University of Illinois and has written many books. The author claims that people are better off if they are more street smart than book smart. The authors is very persuasive using real life examples. I although disagree with this claim. I think that you need an equal mix of both street and book smarts.
The author starts by saying that everyone knows someone who is street smart but doesn't do well in academics. Many people think “what a waste”. Numerous people who are street smart and not academic smart are looked down to. Graff puts a new perspective to this thinking. Graff says that it is the people who are street smart who are superior. He defines this my giving an example. Graff talks about how he was a kid who was considered street smart. He loved sports and would study and read about sports. Graff would participate in many arguments concerning sports. He would make sure that these arguments were very well written because he actually cared about what he was writing and arguing about. Because he spend so much time writing these arguments it made him a better writer than any writing in school ever did.
Graff was also able to connect with other people who loved sports. It is very important to connect with people. Whenever you go to somewhere new you try to make friends by connecting with other people. Graff says
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