Geralda Descriptive Writing

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Geralda is in the kitchen. Her hair, in its usual short curls, is cropped to her head and is the color of a blazing fire sprouting from ashes. As the chaos begins to steady in the kitchen, her onyx eyes dart around the kitchen trying to find something to shove back into place. The constant thumping and sliding of trays comforts her more than the steady beeping of the oven. She moves in slow motion, never once putting one thing in front of the other. Her small, delicate hands reach for the rag sitting atop the shelf holding to go cups. She dips the rag into the sanitization bucket, lets it soak, then promptly takes it out. She twists the towel and begins her work of wiping down the counters. “Runner!” She drops the towel ready to make the voyage,
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