Geraldine Brooks's Reading The Secret Chord A Novel

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The Secret Chord Reading The Secret Chord A Novel by Geraldine Brooks was like reading about the biblical character King David for the first time. Author Ms. Brooks brought King David’s character to life. As I read, I hardly realized that the novel is over five-hundred pages. Brooks carefully built upon the biblical story of David. What I appreciate is that Brooks did not omit information rather she expanded on the facts colorfully and creatively. Some of the expansion is based on theory. However, the majority of the story aligns with biblical and historical chronology. For example, the story expands on David’s childhood relationship with his paternal and maternal caregivers.
The story interestingly describes King David as a talented musician among his many talents. King David’s musical ability had the power to soothe the savage, unite his offspring, and bring healing and unity to two split nations. David’s instrument of choice was a harp, that was a part of his existence. Geraldine enlightens us to how beautifully David played the harp; she says “if the harp where a loom the notes he drew from it a bright thread forming a splendid pattern . . . He played this way often, even interrupting meetings with his generals . . . He said that music its order and precision – helped him find the patterns in things – the way through the confusion of events and opinions to the direction to order, and beyond inspiration” (Brooks 40).The text even says you could read his mind through his

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