Geraldine P. Wallach's 'American Speech Language Hearing Association'

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In this article written by Geraldine P. Wallach, according the American Speech Language Hearing Association, APD relates to the perceptual processing of auditory information in the CNS and the auditory skills: sound localization and lateralization, auditory pattern recognition; temporal aspects of auditory; including temporal integration temporal discrimination, temporal ordering, and temporal masking; auditory performance in competing acoustic signals and auditory performance with degraded signals. A study was done focusing on Kyle a 4 grade student. He is having difficulty listening, following instructions and comprehending lessons and lectures, including answering the teacher’s questions directly. Background noise is particularly distracting for Kyle,…show more content…
Although second language learning and adult experiences learning new words are not precisely correlated to the problems that children and adolescents may experience, this example ask Speech- language pathologist and audiology to consider the dynamic interplay between language knowledge and auditory processing in the forefront of their discussion. Furthermore, Wallach suggested practitioners should treat children diagnosed with APD the same way they treat children who have been diagnosed with language and learning disabilities. Keep auditory weakness identified one’s audiology colleagues in perspective. Even if auditory problems exist, focusing on language should be incorporated. Keep contextualized and decontextualized aspects of language clearly defined, and understand the role of contextual support in both spoken and written language, especially when addressing a child’s auditory processing skills and
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