Geranium: A Solid Right Under Silicon In The Periodic Table

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Silicon is a solid in group 14, period 3. Geranium is another solid right under silicon in the periodic table. These two elements are examples of metalloids. Metalloids are elements that are intermediate to metals and solid nonmetals. Silicon and germanium have many uses in our life that give us a lot of things we all have now. Silicon has a lot of uses in our life. If this element did not exist we would not be able to build many houses that are made of bricks and concrete. Silicon is in the form of sand, and sand is used to make the brick and concrete. Without sand, you would not be able to make brick or concrete buildings. Imagine life without roads and sidewalks, you would be walking in mud. Also, many people would live in weak houses made of wood. Storms would easily knock the house into pieces, especially a tornado.…show more content…
It is even found in computers, and it is used to create glass. If you did not have any glass, you would not have windows to see. You would not even receive light in your house. Cars would be less useful because how would you be able to see. Glass is used in many things in our life that we need. Geranium is an element that created solar panels. If solar panels did not exist a lot of electricity would be used. Many people would not be able to afford it, and it will only be a waste of money. The discovery of geranium became a great resource. Geranium is well known for being used for camera lens. It Geranium gives different types of properties for
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