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Assignment Title: Portfolio for Study Skills for Distance Learners Student Name: Gerard O’Sullivan Student ID: 14479737 Unit Title: Study Skills Unit Code: BUS3092M Unit Tutor: Patricia Kenneally-Forrester Date of Submission: FINAL DRAFT Word Count: 4364 Contents Page Number 1. Introduction to Portfolio 3 2. Activity 1 – Developing Learner Independence 4 2.1 Introduction & Discussion 4 2.2 Inventory - Approach to Learning 5 2.3 Reflection – Activity 1 7 3. Activity 2 – Time Management 7 3.1 Introduction & Discussion 7 3.2 Questionnaire – How well do you work? 9 3.3 Reflection – Activity 2 10 4. Activity 3 – SWOT Analysis 10 4.1 Introduction &…show more content…
2 Activity 1 - Developing Learner Independence 2.1 Introduction and Discussion According to Michie (2011), independent learning is “self-directed, defined, organised and completed by the learner”. The Hruska-Riechmann and Grasha Student Learning Style Scales (1982), identify social learning preferences in a distance-learning setting. They focus on how students interact with their instructors, other students and learning in general. There is also a suggestion that the absence of social interaction would be the preference for a student identified as an “Independent Learner”. Of the six styles defined, this one encompasses a “learner who prefers to work alone on projects and have self-paced instruction”. Moore et al. (2010), suggest that students should “use existing skills to solve a problem”; they list the problems likely to be encountered as “limited time, research & insight, genre and evidence based critique” and according to Evans, (2013, 14), “We now accept that people find strategies that work for them from many different sources”. Moore (1971), determines that “the influence of distance on learners and teachers can be stated in terms of increased learner responsibility, the characteristic of an autonomous learner”. Freedom from
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