Gerhard Linski : Society And Technology

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The study of Gerhard Linski on society. He says that society is described as society and technology. He helps us understand the deference between societies that have existed throughout human life. He uses the term sociocultural evolution in which he mean “changes that occur as a society gains new technology.” He said that the more technology a society has the faster it changes because the society tends to have more control of nature. Due to modern high tech technology people experience major social changes. This means that our behavior, values and norms may change overtime. An example of this here in Belize would be electronic devices. These devices help you to access different platforms of social media. This has change the way of communication here in Belize because you no longer need to send letter but you can easily access you cell phones and chat with each other. This s something that my great grand parents didn’t even thought of doing.
Hunting and gathering societies
This society I would say is the simplest of all societies because you only need “simple tools to hunt for animals and gather vegetation for food.” Many years ago hunters and gatherers could be found all over the world but day today this has changed and now there are only a few that remain. Since they can’t control the environment they invest their time in games and gathering plants to eat. They normally are not large groups for the reason that they can only sustain certain amount of people

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