Geriatric Population

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A very relevant issue facing today’s society is that of adequate health care for the baby boomer and older generations and the finances associated with medical costs. Looking into possible factors that could negatively impact the older generations due to inefficient monitoring of medical records belonging to the geriatric population is what led me to come up with the following hypothesis. The lack of careful medical observation in the area of medicine for geriatrics will cause the baby boomer generation to have a greater financial hardship.
In the hypothesis that was previously stated, some indicators or ways to measure the hypothesis, would include: how often medicines get changed in a time span of one month thus showing a possible careless observation of treatment in an elderly patient; and financial hardships could result from the older generations having to pay higher medical expenses due to the lack in sufficient doctors and personal specializing in geriatric medical areas like medicine. The group of people focused on in this study would be of those adults at the age of sixty-five years and older in the United States of America. Financial hardships would be defined by if the patient could afford the prescriptions or medical treatments that the health
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In addition, I am concerned with any challenges that may affect anyone a part of the baby boomer generation and older because my parents, especially my father, are getting closer to the age of sixty-five. As the baby boomer generation grows older, medicine helping with chronic disease and the medical field, in general, will play a key role in the lives of the baby boomers like my parents. I am interested if the lack of adequate medical observation could negatively impact people like my parents because then it could then subsequently impact my siblings and
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