Geri's Game Jan Pinkava Theme

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Geri's Game is an interesting film by Jan Pinkava, this film was by Pixar in 1997. This film was ok in my mind, the animating was kind of queer and Geri was a little creepy, but I like the message behind the film of “You can still have fun when you're alone”. I would recommend that Pixar re-edits the film using 2017 editing software so the movie looks more clean and friendly to young and decrepit audiences. The subject that this film address is that “You can still have fun when you're alone”. This is not the theme of a great deal of stories or films so it is nice to have more than the select few themes such as underdog, war, and love. This theme is important to viewers of all ages as a result of it is sending them this message of it's…show more content…
Jan Pinkava could have picked this theme as a result of a personal experience where she was alone and was, or wasn't delighted. She could have also picked this message as a result of she had met someone like Geri who was alone and delighted about being all by themselves. I was not able to find Jan’s reasoning for this theme. The way the film was presented was partially effective for the fact that the message of the story, for me, was not easily or instantly understood. This is a humongous deal as a result of if I was not able to understand it at an age of 15 then a great deal of children would not be able to understand that message. When I first saw this shot my reaction was “look an insane decrepit man” which is a great deal of people's reaction to the film, I'm guessing. My reaction to the film and its content was at first that there is a decrepit man with more than one personality playing chess with himself in an empty park for some reason. After I found out the theme or message of the story I more understood why the park was empty and why the decrepit man was playing chess with himself. The majority of the editing was great, but the editing of the hands was not exceptional. The reason I say this is when I first say the decrepit man's hands, the fingers were too long and bony, as a result of this the hands looked out of the ordinary when they should not
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