German Beer Essay

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German Beer

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By R. Anastasia Tremaine - March, 2002
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1.0 Introduction Beer is an immensely popular beverage, but it is one that is associated with a particular country. German beer in fact is seen as the king of all beers. Around the world, Germany's beer is one of the most respected varieties, in part due to the strict legislation that governs brewing, but also because it seems that the German people take great pains to brew a good beer. It is customary and part of their social structure. The majority of people in Germany socialize in pubs, unlike the United States where
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Brewing beer grew to be a respectable profession (2002). A student writing on this subject might want to note that while it was a profession at the time, today's beers are generally made by large companies. It has been proven that the production of good quality beer demanded certain temperatures, but temperatures at the time prior to refrigeration were only available during the winter ("German beer," 2002). The invention of refrigeration made it possible and did allow for beer to be brewed year round (2002). Another important development was the discovery of microorganisms and after that, the science of the fermentation process had finally been established (2002). 4.0 Location: Where the Beer is Made With the increase in exports, Germany developed world famous beer cities by the time the 1300s rolled around ; Bremen had been the midpoint for beer exports to England, Holland and Scandinavia ("German beer," 2002) . Hamburg had been the brewery of the Hanse but By 1500 there had been about 600 breweries there alone (2002). The Hanse exported beer and some clients were as far away as India (2002). Braunschweig and Einbeck is aligned with bock beer and they are also considered important beer cities (2002).
Munich is an important city for beer and the locale where Spaten beer is made. Of course, German beer is found in Germany, but due to its reputation, it is a major export.
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