German Coast Guard-Lost in Translation Essay

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In business communication, messages are conveyed using several types of media to include the internet, radio, podcast, and television. In order to convey effective messages presenters must select a medium that is appropriate for their desired objective. They must also tailor the message for the audience, which reflects an understanding of the reader's concerns, and motivations (Carrero, 2011). In the video “German coast guard-lost in translation”, the director uses a combination of techniques to illustrate the importance of language and communication. In the video, a German coast guard trainee gets an urgent message from a ship. The ships occupants speak English, and report that the ship is sinking. The German trainee responds back by…show more content…
Even though the video was not visually over the top, the tone and feel clearly defined the purpose of the message (p 350).
Visual Memories In the video “German Coast Guard-Lost in Translation”, it was clear that inexperience and a lack of command of the English language resulted in life or death situation. The part of the video that stood out most was the beginning where the trainee was getting a quick overview of his job and then later his slow reaction to the distress call from the sinking ship. In a real life situation, it would be important for a manager to spend ample time with a new employee to ensure they understand the requirements of their job and feel comfortable in their role. In the video, the manager did not take the time to check for understanding and left the trainee to perform his duties alone. Human communication can be complex and as a result, messages can be lost or misinterpreted however, getting feedback from your audience can help evaluate the effectiveness of your message (p 10-12). With so many visual and audio stimulations in today’s technological world, it sometimes becomes difficult to send and receive messages but selecting the appropriate media for the task can help to alleviate this barrier of communication.
Decoding Messages For an audience member to receive a message, three events need to occur: The receiver has to sense the presence of a message, select it

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