German History: Eastern and Western Germany Essay

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Like the division of South and North Korea, Germany was once separated, too. The two countries were called Eastern, Western Germany. Compared with the case of Korea’s partition, Germany was also affected by World War2 and conflict between U.S. and the Soviet. However, among the comparison, there is one big thing that is dissimilar to us. It is that Germany had achieved “reunification”. Then, even at the same situation, receiving similar affects, how could Germany reunify, not Korea?

First of all, the attitude which Germany had acted to other countries was typical. Due to the behavior they had shown to the world, it was practically accepted by others that they were ready for reunification. For instance, one of the greatest concerns of others toward Germany’s unification was the risk of recurrence of war. Since, it was Germany who caused World War, killed 600million Jewish, it wasn’t really astonishing that surrounding countries estimated that they can rise up another war. Therefore, Germany, who was strongly hoping for unification in their people, tried their best to transfer others belief. As an example, Brant prime minister of Germany kneeled in front of the people who died because of them at the past. Also, even inside their own country, they taught citizens about their cruelty of Nazis and truly regretted their wrongdoings. And these active efforts convinced the world that Germany had kept the mighty will of reunification.

Second, the financial…