German Invasion Research Paper

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The story of the European invasions conducted by Adolf Hitler is a story of a deep animosity towards Russian civilization by Hitler. During World War II, much of Europe fell under Nazi-German control – this was all a strategy conjured by the German chancellor in order to strengthen the German Empire enough to invade their only real military threat, Russia. This embedded hatred of the aggregate Russian society was the catalyzing factor that led to German occupation of much of Europe. World War II is a series of political manipulations by the German Empire in order to propagate the Aryan race.
In his quest to eliminate all aspects of Russian lifestyle, culture and society, Adolf Hitler conjured the plan of acquiring as much of Europe as
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Poland suffered a two-front invasion by Russian and German Forces. France and Britain met this rapid and unexpected invasion with the declaration of war. This, however, did not impede Nazi intentions as Poland fell to Nazi and Russian control in less than a month after the initial incursion. Followed by his first invasion, Hitler proceeded to his western front and began the invasion of Denmark and Norway simultaneously. This invasion by Nazi forces was met with little resistance and fell directly into the strategies of Hitler. Through these newly occupied territories, the German Empire controlled more resources and manipulated new governments. On an extremely rapidly moving plan, Adolf Hitler instructed his forced to move to Belgium and the Netherlands. Strategically, Nazi invasion of Belgium was a gateway to an invasion of France. It was through these offensive military procedures against Belgium and the Netherlands that Nazi forces launched the collapse of France. The conflict between the British-French and Nazi forces again ended in a German…show more content…
Now with sights to Britain, Nazi forces continued to move west. Hitler’s last obstacle before his planned invasion of Russia was Britain. The invasion of Britain was initiated primarily by the Nazi air force. In contrast to previous military incursions conducted by the German Empire, Nazi ground forces never stepped foot on British soil. Instead, Hitler split his forces. He directed his ground troops towards his final prize and end goal – Russia. German military forces entered Russian territory and began with a very successful campaign. Much to Adolf’s pleasure, Russian forced were initially being overwhelmed. This trend began to change however as Hitler overestimated the strength of his forces. It took much longer to progress further into Russian territory as expected and this less to underequipped German forces in the Russian winter. Troops fell to frostbite and hypothermia, among others, due to their expected victory being delayed into a harsh winter. The German forces were unable to cause the collapse of
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