German Jews During The Holocaust

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Siyu Song
Dr Arms Valaries
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German Jews During The Holocaust
When the Nazis settled that the Jews were the primary cause of Germany’s problems in the Second World War, they launched a mission aimed at torturing and killing them (Rosenfield 28). In particular, they sought to wipe all the Jews out of the surface of the earth. To gain political mileage, Hitler faulted the Jews for Germany’s economic woes following the First World War. This further created a lot of negative feelings required for Hitler to come and rule Germany. He embarked on a mission geared towards imprisoning the Jewish people in concentration camps. In January 1937, 214,000 Jews by religious definition lived in Germany. The persecution of the Jews in 1940s took place in Germany and the surroundings of Europe (Bloom 106). Millions of Jews died in concentration camps owing to the congested housing and gas chambers. Some were cremated alive. The Israelites were compelled to put on the yellow Star of David and were virtually entitled to no right. In the beginning of 1940s, the government prohibited the Jews from purchasing shoes, lingerie, and clothing. They were also barred from buying materials with which to design or darn clothing or repair their shoes. In addition, the public laundries were out of reach to the Jewish population, and only the designated and privileged ones were allowed to repair the shoes of the Jews. Even children were not allowed to buy clothing and had no choice but to put on…
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