German Jews During The Holocaust

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Siyu Song Dr Arms Valaries English 307 German Jews During The Holocaust When the Nazis settled that the Jews were the primary cause of Germany’s problems in the Second World War, they launched a mission aimed at torturing and killing them (Rosenfield 28). In particular, they sought to wipe all the Jews out of the surface of the earth. To gain political mileage, Hitler faulted the Jews for Germany’s economic woes following the First World War. This further created a lot of negative feelings required for Hitler to come and rule Germany. He embarked on a mission geared towards imprisoning the Jewish people in concentration camps. In January 1937, 214,000 Jews by religious definition lived in Germany. The persecution of the Jews in 1940s took…show more content…
The needy Jews would on some occasions be given hand-me-downs of neighbors who had taken committed suicide or had been summoned for deportation. Getting such hand-me-downs was illegalized because the government confiscated all the Jewish possessions (Kaplan 145). Besides withholding food and clothing from the Jews, the Nazis turned rendered the Jews into refugees within Germany. Government bodies compelled Jews out of their homesteads and into new ones on short notices, keeping them migrating from one point to another. Jews had to sell more furniture with every successive migration to tighter and tinier areas of residence. Normally a whole family would be squeezed into a compact room. In some cases, total strangers were jammed together. Renowned poet Gertrud Kolmar, who shared an apartment with her father and some strangers, said that since her bed was in the dining section, she no longer had refuge, no space for herself, and the feeling of homelessness had become more painful. In addition, the new lodgings reserved for the Jews were under-heated and dilapidated. During winter, frost would develop inside the rooms, because fuel deliveries were insufficient. Normally, in old and abandoned buildings, the rooms were infested, especially with bedbugs and other parasites (Kaplan 145). An integral component of the Jewish life in most of the Judenhauser residents was feared spot checks carried out by the Gestapo to look for
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