German Shepherds at Work Have you ever wondered what German Shepherds do other than play

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German Shepherds at Work Have you ever wondered what German Shepherds do other than play fetch, eat, and sleep? Most people that own dogs teach them to sit, stay, come, and they also teach them to obey their owners. They are the family pets that sit on our laps all the time, bark at people when they come to the door, and chase the mailman in the summer when the family is outside. Work dogs have jobs such as being police dogs, military dogs, guide dogs, and herding dogs. The German shepherd breed came from Germany from a mix of several of sheep dogs. They were first trained in Germany as outdoor dogs. In 1906, the first German shepherd dog was sent to the United States. Since the 19th century, German Shepard’s increased in…show more content…
German shepherds need to have plenty of exercise. At first when the owners first buy their dogs they need to start off by teaching them how to sit, stay, and come. They puppies need to learn right away that their owners are in charge and not them. When training the puppies they need to be introduced to many other people and their dogs. They need to be able to relax around other people and dogs. They are not the nicest dogs to people that they do not know but once they get to know them they are really sweet. If the dogs are not trained properly they can be overprotective of their family. Do to their athletic ability they are often asked to participate in agility and sport competitions. German Shepherds are often left alone all day with nothing to do. If they have not been trained properly they might chew on the furniture and bark all the time. They need plenty of training before they can be left alone for a long time. German Shepherds were the first dogs to herd animals. For many years farmers had German Shepherds to herd animals because they needed dogs they were big enough and fast enough to keep up with the animals. They use their good eyes and ears to watch and listen for wolves and thieves. The dogs need to be able to protect the farmer and his animals. This breed was originally developed to herd miniature sheep. During WWI pets were not allowed in the military
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