German Tradition Influenced The American Tradition

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German tradition influenced the American tradition immensely. While they did not agree on everything the German tradition caused American sociologists to question their society and examine it further, “American social philosophy took shape largely in response to stimulation from the teachings of the German tradition,” (pp.252). German and American views on what makes a good society differ tremendously. The German sociologists believe that no one can determine whether a society is good or bad while the American sociologists believe a good society rests on the norms that a particular society has created. Germans believe sociologists cannot say whether a society is good or bad and that absolutely no one can determine. German sociologists, especially Weber believed that, “the calling of scholars and scientists was best justified by the contributions their work makes to enhancing human self-consciousness,” (pp.208). They believed that individuals or groups of people create codes of morality where they all agree on it but that order is not something we can adhere to (lecture). These groups of people or the individuals collectively make up for themselves what is good and bad based on the norms that they wish to follow. They thought a normative-self existed and believed individuals had freedom and that they determined their actions for themselves and that an individual can chose what rules they want to follow (lecture). They noted that we can be free to the extent of making

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