Germanic Influence on Higher Education

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When researching the history of higher education there is a common theme in every aspect of my research. I would find the word “college” and the word “university”. Throughout the 19th century there would be some confusion between the two words. In colleges the primary role is teaching where as in the university research and scholarships are the primary role (Lucas,2006). Also, current universities offer post- baccalaureate or graduate instruction whereas colleges do not. However, this was not always the case before the 19th century.
“ The impact of German university scholarship upon nineteenth century American higher education is one of the most significant in modern intellectual history”(Westmeyer, 1985,p. ?). Before the impact of Germany American universities were not research and scholarship based. American scholars were beginning to get frustrated that they did not have the opportunity to develop higher studies within their schools. While this frustration started to grow students began to look for other ways to advance their studies. During 1815-1914 10,000 students took the opportunity to try and evolve their knowledge through attending German universities (Westmeyer, 1985). Of the 10,000 students academic celebrities as Leopold von Ranke, Herman von Homholtz, Wilhem Wundt took this opportunity to advance their knowledge through…
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