Germans and the Holocaust

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German citizens responsible for success of Holocaust Beginning when Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in late January of 1933 and concluding with the official end of World War II in May of 1945, the Holocaust was a period when Jews residing in the German Empire and German-occupied territories were persecuted and harshly murdered. The individuals of the Third Reich were not the first to have anti-Semitic prejudices; however, they were the first to take this type of racism and accomplish massacres on such a grand-scale. The successful killing of approximately six million Jews during the Holocaust can be best explained through the actions of ordinary German citizens as a result of convincing propaganda. It is important to analyze the scope of the intense racism during the Holocaust before examining the actions of German citizens; the Germans were able to cause a great amount of damage to twentieth century Jews, especially in Europe. By the time Hitler won the Reichstag election, there were over nine million Jews living in Europe and most of them resided in countries that Hitler would influence over the next decade. The violence towards Jews began as soon as Hitler came to power. Hitler's bigotries of the Jewish race were no secret, so common German citizens felt comfortable enough to create public disturbances the day after Hitler was elected leader. For example, German individuals attacked Jewish stores without an order from Hitler or his agents, and continued to do
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