Germany And Its Impact On The Economy

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Germany Social The graph shows that the population has overall decreased by 1.11 million. From 2011 to 2015 the population increased 980,000 and more potential grow could be seen. The large population would have influenced the smartphone market to grow as more need the technology in their lives to communicate with each other hence why the industry has grown over the years. People prefer to carry a smartphone that has display size of five inches or more. Getting features and updates added to the smartphone gives the users all the function needed making it unnecessary to carry a second device such as a laptop or tablet. This would be the reason to why the sales have increased as people would like to access everything on one…show more content…
This is good for the economy as people are employed and there is more aggregate demand as more have the money from income. Unemployment was at its highest in 2007 at around 8% and then in July 2009 it was at 7.9%. After 2009, the rate started to decrease and was at 4.5% in 2015. This may have influenced the market for the smartphone as the sales have increased over the years. Kurzarbeit the Federal subsidy paid for the portion of the pay that was lost for the workers. The purpose of this was to encourage employers to keep trained staff so that production can recover more quickly in response to recovering demand. Germany used this to take advantage of rising demand when the global economy improved. (The Daily Signal, 2017) (theOECD, 2017) The GDP of Germany was at its lowest in 2007 at 37K. during the economic recession the economy had taken a small hit but was able to recover and gain more GDP. As from 2009 to 2005 the GDP grew from 37.7K GDP to 48K GDP. This meant that people had more income which lead to them purchasing smartphones in the market. Company Shares Company shares for Germany The main competitors in Germany in the smartphone industry were Nokia Corp, Samsung Corp, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communication AB, Motorola Inc and Apple Inc. Throughout 2007 – 2015 these companies have lost and gained market share. For example, Nokia Corp was the market leader in Germany for the smartphone industry in years 2007 to
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