Germany And Its Impact On The United States Essay

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In the last few centuries, Europe has experienced major changes both in its population makeup and number. Be that as it may, in the last two decades, it has been faced with an unprecedented decline in population growth while struggling with the issue of an aging population. Indeed, from Helsinki to Lisbon, the birth rate has fallen dramatically in recent years. It has fallen so much so that most countries have put together some form of policies to help mitigate what is perceived as a serious demographic crisis in european capitals. Those policies have yielded different results. While some countries like France are now experiencing a slow growth rate as a result of those policies, others in the likes of Germany are forced to still deal with an ever declining population. In this paper, I will be analyzing, comparing, and contrasting the policies in both countries. Since the end of the second world war, Germany has had undeniable economic performances. Unlike its european counterparts, It has extremely low unemployment, record trade surpluses and a healthy public accounts. However, the fact remains that the long term outlook of its population is less positive as its population continues to decline while the portion of the its aging population surpases the younger part. Demographic trends in Germany and France appear to be divergent. The two countries seem to be in a radically different situations. Germany has a population of 82,175,684 inhabitants. (
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