Germany And Japan During World War II

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The Nazis are regarded as possibly the worst people to ever have lived, with Hitler being the worst of them. However, the Imperial Japanese, who also fought in World War II, have little or no image as bad people, despite their part in the war and their alliance with Germany. The Imperial Japanese could have been as bad as the Nazis, if not worse, yet are not recognized for this. This poses the questions of why this is, and whether the Nazis were as bad as they are portrayed, compared to the Japanese. This paper aims to compare the actions and philosophies of the two groups, and to determine which was actually worse, as well as why the groups have the reputations that they do. To provide some background, Germany and Japan were two of the axis powers during World War II. These countries along with Italy were the major powers that fought against the allies, including the United States and the United Kingdom and a variety of other countries. During World War II, both Germany and Japan were led by certain political powers, and philosophies. The Germans were ruled by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, and Japan by Emperor Hirohito and the philosophy of ultra-nationalism. In this war, both the Germans and the Japanese committed a multitude of atrocities. The Nazis led the Holocaust, a systematic plan to kill all of the European Jews. They destroyed the lives of the Jews by forcing them into ghettos, worked them to death in camps, and even killed them in gas chambers. The Imperial

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