Germany And The Economy Of Germany

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understand given the type of product we will be selling and the industries we will be selling to. Fortunately for us, Germany devotes 2.853% of its GDP to R&D activities which is even higher than our home country of the United States which only devotes 2.806% of GDP (OECD II 1). Ultimately, after thoroughly assessing the economic situation in Germany we as a country firmly believe that we can be successful not just in Berlin, but the entirety of the country. Now that we have briefly examined what we will sell and who we will sell it to and analyzed the culture and economy of Germany. It becomes time to move to the final part of our report where we outline just how we plan to market our product in Berlin to our target customers. Just…show more content…
This type of technology has countless applications for personalized patient care and the study of the human body and could greatly assist hospitals and academic researchers. In addition to 3-D printing’s applications in medicine, our 3-D printing technology can also “Produce organic, complex geometries that can 't be manufactured any other way. For parts that will be 3D printed, like jigs, fixtures and custom components, you can set aside the usual design-for-manufacturing constraints” and greatly reduce costs for the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacturing of their products (Stratasys II 1). Initially we plan on selling two models of printers to service each of these two types of customers. For the hospitals/clinics and academic researchers, we plan on marketing our Connex3 printer. We have chosen to market this particular model due to its ability to “Simulate everything from soft tissue and muscles to cartilage and bone in a single print job. It can even incorporate clear materials to get an unobstructed view of hidden tissues and blood vessels” (Stratasys II 1). For our customers in the pharmaceutical industry, we are choosing to market our Eden 250 3-D printer due to its aforementioned ability to construct complex geometries for
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