Germany And The Nazi War

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The time that Hitler was gaining all of his power, Germany was in a very fragile state due to the depression it was suffering from.7 Adolf Hitler led Germany to believe that the Jews were a threat to the German race. He was under the impression that Germany and eventually the world should compose of one homogenous race, therefore any anyone that differs should be eliminated.8 The fact that it wasn’t only one individual with this view is astonishing, but the power the Nazis and Hitler had is what got all the support into thinking this way. When thinking about Germany and how they treated the situation, it is hard not to think what would have happened if the people of Germany stood up against the Nazis when they began to make
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Whether there were some Germans who did not support what they were doing to the Jews would not matter since majority of the country expressed their anti-Semitic views.12 This allowed the Nazis to continue with what they were doing since they did not see a great deal of opposition to murdering the Jews.
In a video clip featuring a professor named Yehuda Bauer at Hebrew University of Jerusalem offered his insight in whether the holocaust could have prevented, he explained how the great powers, more specifically the Western powers, due to the soviets not wanting to be involved, should have did something in order to rescue the Jewish people during the Holocaust. He argues that the Holocaust could have been prevented before any of it happened in the first place. If they stopped Germany in the beginning it would have been in their favor, because by the end of the war, basically all of the powers suffered for allowing Nazi Germany to get as powerful as it did during the 1930s. Bauer states that by stopping Germany, these countries could have prevented the large amount of casualties, destruction of their countries.13
When the Nazi made the decision to murder the Jews
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