Germany As A Model Of Efficiency And State Security Essay

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Germany is considered by some as a model of efficiency and state security. Few countries are able to balance both the factors let alone be successful in both the factors. However this journey was long. Germany was an industrialized country since the beginning of the 20th century, The aftermath of World war 1 made Germany more and more in realization that to be strong it will need to establish itself as a mega industrialized nation of the world. World war 2 showed the real prowess of German industrial machinery. However just as a small note one fact comes in my mind. Germany’s loss had one of the major reasons of Germans not including women labour force the way allied nations especially Great Britain used it. This made the then labour force realize that post war pro-active changes would be needed in terms of needs of labour work force. Skilled labour force was the key to success. Germany: Germany is the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world, and fifth by GDP (PPP). The country is a founding member of the European Union and the Eurozone. The economic model of Germany is based on the concept of the social market economy. In 2014, Germany recorded the highest trade surplus in the world worth $285 billion, making it the biggest capital exporter globally.] Germany is the third largest exporter in the world with 1.13 trillion euros ($1.28 trillion) in goods and services exported in 2014 The service sector contributes around 70% of the
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