Germany : Germany In The Heart Of Europe

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Germany is in the heart of Europe (Geography & Climate, 2016). It’s the only Country in Europe to boarder nine countries. The nine countries include Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland and Switzerland. Germany has direct access to the Baltic and North seas. With a coast line of one-thousand four-hundred eighty-four miles. Germany stretches over 137,847 square miles, which is slightly smaller than Montana (Germany: Facts and figures, 2017). The country is covered by nearly one-third forest with only two percent of the land account for lakes, rivers and other inland waters. The climate supports moderate temperature from July through late September with an average temperature of twenty-one point…show more content…
The four options all require children to have vocational training and hands on learning. The Haptschule school is for children that learn at a slower academic rate. Realschule school also continues the vocational, hands on aspect of study, however inclines children to learn and pushes for college attendance. The Gymnasium and Gesamtschule schools are for students that excel in normal study. At the age of eighteen these students are granted the choice to continue in college or start apprenticeship. School is paid for by the German Government however, require students to fulfil their skill sets into the economy to help advance Germanys economy. This is contract based for the time of agreement the students study (Reeg, 2015). The German work force is forty-five million three-hundred thousand (Staff, 2017). The education structure is the sheer reason for an outstanding work force for German citizens (Reeg, 2015).
Germany’s structure includes roads, autobahn, train system, airports, harbors and buildings. Germany’s roads cover six-hundred forty-four thousand four-hundred eighty kilometers throughout the country. Germany has five-hundred thirty-nine airports for everyday travel and business trades. The railroads cover forty-one thousand nine-hundred eighty-one kilometers in the country. The citizens of Germany rely heavily on the train systems for everyday use for transport. The train system offers normal
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