Germany Post World War II

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World War II caused many problems for Germany. Since the war, Germany has had to rebuild and clean up many towns. Germany did many tasks after the war to help with the war effort. Many citizens loved ones died causing many grievances within the country. The people of Germany all want to reconstruct there country because it is in ruins. In order for the country to become better and more sanitary they have a division of lands, change in government and many people cleaning up. The German people too actions to cleanup and rebuild. Germany had to take many steps to rebuild after World War II. After the war some people immigrated in 1949-1958 to the United States. The citizens had many worries, but among the worst were the allies…show more content…
The bomb squads covered 250 acres of land. Some bomb shells lay on the surface, but then some are thirty feet deep ( Six Decades after war, Cleaning is a constant) . The Nazis Party ruled Germany through a method of government called Tolitarism. Hitler joined this group as the leader the year it started. He ran a dictatorship. After Germany's defeat in World War II, this party was outlawed and many of the top officials were convicted of war crimes, such as being convicted for murder of six million European Jews during the Nazi ruling. The Nazis came to power because of depression and high unemployment. Under this rule, all forms of other governments were banned. If you believed in another government, you would be sent off to a concentration camp. At the concentration camps, hours of hard labor and would not be fed that much, if at all. Many kids would be separated from their families and would not know how they were doing it if they were living. Also Hitler removed Germany from League of Nations in 1933 (Nazi Party) . The Marshall Plan helped with the financial aid and rebuilding Germany. The United States had given more than thirteen billion dollars towards the government. "The four countries who most needed aid from World War Two was Britain, Germany, Italy, and France. "This plan also made Europe's hungry masses reliable for the United States. Local resources counted for eighty to ninety per cent of Europe's recovery program. The Marshall plan

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