Germany : The First Vital Step Is Housing

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Germany has been providing support such as housing, food, and health and other necessary resources to improve the wellbeing of these Syrian immigrants. However, according to the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in The Washington Times “I’m happy that Germany has become a country that many people abroad associate with hope” (The Washington Times, 2015). “For Frankfurt-based human rights organization Pro Asyl, the first vital step is housing. Company CEO Guenter Burkhardt said the country’s policy of forcing refugees to remain in mass accommodation sites for protracted periods only serves to provoke extremists” (The Washington Times, 2015). The big idea was that Germany was trying to tackle the obstacle that these Syrian refugees are facing presently. However, the German government would have to spend so much to accommodate these aliens. Another way to look at what the Germany government was trying to do was follow the golden rule principles which stated that treating others as you would want or liked to be treated. Thus, this is the greatest rule ever, but there are perspective to look at this issue. The big question was that, are these Syrian refugees who we think they are? Experiencing from other economies coping with the immigration according to Massimiliano Cali “in a post on asks whether the wave of refugees is economically sustainable for European counties, compared to what has happened in countries like Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan, which are close to Syria
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