Germany 's Tug Of War For Unification

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Germany’s Tug of War for Unification In the relatively short one hundred and thirty three years that Germany has been a nation, its borders have grown, shrunk, and changed hands many times. While currently it is a rather stable nation that most likely finally has established itself for the foreseeable future, it looks nothing like it did those 133 years ago. Even less than twenty five years ago it was a totally different nation than it is today. Germany’s volatile borders of the past combined with its origins as a bunch of independent states being brought together under one flag has made it hard for Germany to truly be a unified nation. For being such a young nation it has been at the center of most of the world’s historical highlights, and also low points, since its inception, which is the main reason for its silly putty borders. Even though Germany is has been officially unified for almost twenty five years, Germany has still struggled to be truly unified as a country. Although there is still obviously still some resentment between the former east and west Germanys, these relations have come a long way over the years and will only get better with time. Germany’s history of being a fractured country with borders that have changed substantially has given way to a Germany that is poised to be completely unified at last. The German Empire, or the Second Reich, was established in 1781 through the political savvy of Otto von Bismarck, the then Prime Minister of Prussia, which

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