Germany's Reunification Essay

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Germany's Reunification It was all so good in the beginning. In 1989, after 40 years of separation, the two Germanys finally became one again. But as often, there were and still are doubts about whether or not reunification was the right move to do. The hope that two different social, political as well as two different economical and educational systems would grow together neatly without major problems was Fig. 1.1 Source: German Reunification and the Present nothing but wishful thinking. East Germany [German Democratic Government-GDR] was a communist, state-controlled country, whereas West Germany [Federal Republic of Germany- FRG] is a democratic, modern society. The speed at which…show more content…
Before reunification the East was a one party state, where the people never got to vote on the political party they wanted to. They never got to express their views and ideas. Only the views of the State was accepted. Almost everyone living in this system, had as much as 50 years experience of living under this dictatorship and knew democracy only from the media [Christoph Singelnstein]. After reunification, the people were finally able to experience what it was like to vote for their country, and to express their own views. The people from the East had a choice in their future and that of their country. When the press was run by the State, there was no freedom of speech. Everything that was on the radio, T.V., or in the newspapers had to be censored so not to contain any politically incorrect material. Now, after reunification, there is freedom of speech, the people are allowed to express their opinions without the danger of being arrested or even thrown into jail without any legal help. When East Germany was a socialist state, there was no concept of privatised enterprises. All factories and businesses were state owned, therefore all profit made from the various enterprises went directly back to the State in order for the State to invest in its economy. The State used it to create free health care and subsidized housing. As well, they invested large amounts of money in
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